Advantages of Printing Locally

What are the advantages for you in procuring your commercial printing locally?

As small businesses we face a multitude of demands on our time and resources. when developing an effective marketing strategy, we put a premium on developing a modern and readily recognized brand. Developing that brand requires a consistent look and message across all media.

When our companies seek to establish their brand and market position, we require a process of communication with a competent graphics designer. One of the most important steps is to find a reliable individual where the time invested in communications is not wasted and does not need repeating.

As a modern commercial printer we have sophisticated tools that allow us to produce a quality of printed media that compares with or is better than the largest national printers. Likewise, our new procedures and equipment allow us to price our services very competitively on the jobs most small businesses require. You will see a large competitive advantage in using a local source for the basic and ongoing printing needs of your small business.

Using your local printer will allow you a level of communication that is rare or impossible when dealing with a remote or online printer. This is especially hard when trying to establish an ongoing relationship where multiple needs are to be met with consistent looks and standards. Once the relationship is established and the art and colors are set it is easy to reorder anything needed quickly. Jobs that are then quickly needed, such as an unplanned trade show where fast, quality printed items must be quickly ordered with the confidence that it will meet your brands goals and unique look.

With the many demands on your marketing dollars it is tempting to try to save a few dollars on an inferior product. This often turns out to be a poor choice. It is always important to remember that many prospects and potential customers receive their first impression and possibly their only introduction to your brand through your printed media. When working with Mountain States Lithographing our focus is on quality and our long term relationship with you. That motivation goes a long way to ensuring a consistency of quality and look for your professional materials to use in your marketplace.

Perhaps the biggest factor to consider is your time. Saving a few dollars – or even a good chunk of dollars – must be weighed against the time it takes to explain your business and branding to multiple vendors, and dealing with problems getting exactly what you want. Weighing that time against a small savings often sways the decision to a professional local printer like Mountain States Lithographing.

~ Kendall Bassett
Mountain States Lithographing LLC