Web Site Development and Programming

How is our service different?

As one of the Rocky Mountain’s leading digital and offset printers and publishers we have a large and diverse pool of talent for you to draw upon. We have an in-house design staff, programmers and experts in company branding to help your company look its best.

When you choose to build your website with MSL you will always receive priority customer service. A technician will answer your phone call or email quickly and help solve any problems immediately. We are available to make changes, correct errors and add features for your company without the long wait that seems to be the current industry standard.

When building a web site for you, our graphic arts department creates unique art and designs while keeping with your branded style and message. Then our Programmers get to work coding a site that is easy to use, functional and achieves all the goals that are needed for the best implementation. If creating your site’s unique content proves to be a challenge for you, we will schedule a professional photographer for you and can send out a writer to interview key personnel at your company to write concise web text.

You may  host your website and important company data with us as well. Your site will reside on one of our high-priority dedicated servers. Our servers are always underutilized, so the speed and bandwidth is reserved for your critical site and data, not loaded with as many sites, and as cheap as possible like most web servers on the internet are currently. Our site hosting is very close to having your own dedicated server, and as your site grows and may need the power and flexibility that only a dedicated server can supply, we can host and manage that for you as well. Our servers are among the fastest and safest in the industry housed at an IBM facility on the internet backbone.

Internet Services That We Offer

  • Web Site Design

    Unique web sites designed for your company’s individual look.

  • Web site Programming

    HTML, CSS, PHP, Perl,  MYSQL, XML, CMS and JavaScript.

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

    We can set up whatever Content Management system that you would like, WordPress is a specialty of ours, as is Drupal, and Bootstrap.

  • Custom Online Commerce Systems

    We can set up anything from a WordPress store plugin, Magento, OSCommerce or a custom programmed ecommerce store.

  • Photography & Product Photography

    We can come to your location or bring your products to our studio for professional photography.

  • Content Creation

    We will come to your location to interview your personnel, we then write content for your site. Content that is written for you can be used for any other marketing and printing that you need.

  • Data Management

    Your data can be mapped and stored on our servers in any number of formats from mysql to flat file.

  • Priority Web Hosting

    We maintain under utilized servers for your web site. We limit our servers to 100 web sites, or can host and manage a dedicated server for you.

  • Data Migration

    Also known as data mapping, we can move your existing data to any format or data server type that is required.

  • Priority Support

    Your emails and phone calls will be answered and corrections or revisions made in a timely manner.